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The goal of this podcast is for us to learn. It aims to create the space to discuss and explore belonging in our lives. These wide-ranging conversations are designed to generate insights into how we can create belonging for ourselves and for others.

Belonging is like water. It’s essential to life. It also takes on many shapes and forms, seeping through every part of our lives.
Still with me? Good.

Why Listen

This podcast is intended for those that are seeking to help themselves and others find a sense of belonging.

If you ever asked yourself; Where do I belong? Why do I belong? Then this podcast will be useful.

If you are asking; How can I help others belong? How can I build a more inclusive workplace culture, community, or team, then this podcast will be useful.

This podcast is an exploration founded on curiosity, humility, and generosity. I hope you can join us.

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04 – Art, Emotions, and Belonging with Kerone Campbell Create Belonging

My guest today is a spoken word Artist named Kerone Campbell Kerone was born in Jamaica, raised in Brooklyn, NYC, and has been living in Stockholm for 6 years. Kerone, like many of us, is someone that has given a lot of thought to Belonging. Through his words and his Art, he is able to communicate wholeheartedly, in a way that very few of us can. However, can all relate to the emotions that his work evokes. Kerone is has been a creative person who was born in Kingston, Jamaica. Immigrated to New York City (Jamaica Queens) when he was 10 years oldWhere/when does Kerone belong?Kerone belongs in the present, but it was never that wayThroughout his life, he never felt like he truly belongs. He found his belonging in Stockholm – when walking to the supermarketThe disillusionment of not fitting into ideals as a child immigrant. Life lesson: When you immigrate to a place, you can be anyone you want to be. Q: What’s it like being back in Sweden, compared to being black in New York?In Sweden, racism is more subtle. The only time race and other forms of discrimination are talked about is at the extremes. Upon explicit forms of racism and discrimination, Swedes tend to say “Well, I’m not like that, we are not THAT racist”. They are quick to point at these extreme examples and claim the higher road without acknowledging that they might act on their bias or engage in other forms of exclusion.Instead, racism is subtle. Kerone came to the realization that racism is their problem, not his. There is little he can do to change others' opinions, other than just living his truth and living his life.Book: Subtle Acts of Exclusion but Dr. Tiffany Jana, and Michael Baran. Why it is important for him to bring to the surface the issue of slavery and other traumatic events of the past. How did he get started with Spoken Word? Keron discovered Spoken Word in 2003, however, he would not find his voice until he came to Stockholm. He started writing following a painful breakup. Today he writes on many topics including family, society, and relationships.What happens when you don’t feel as you belong?How he found his own belonging. Why belonging is much bigger than what anyone else thinks or does to you. The importance of realizing that you are on your own journey, charting your own path. Do you have any tips or practices for healthy belonging? it’s important to follow curiositySebene Selassie – “You Belong” – talks about the importance of curiosity for finding belonging.  Here is how to get in touch with Kerone:Website: Instagram: by Ergy, aka Hugues Coudurier, Facebook——————————-Thank you for listening! I would love your Feedback: Please send me an email at and let me know what you thought of the episode. You can also follow us on Instagram: or on Linkedin:  See for privacy and opt-out information.
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