Create + Belonging

Naming the Podcast

Create Belonging is a call to action. We live in a world where traditional definitions and assumptions of belonging no longer apply. Technology and globalisation have connected societies more than ever. And yet, loneliness, isolation, and depression are considered commonplace in much of the world.

Create is the imperative tense of to create, commanding action and urgency. In today’s fast paced, ever-changing world, we need to create new models, definitions, and structures that serve our goals and enable a more Equitable, Just, and Inclusive society.
To create does not necessarily mean to construct anew, or to build something radically different. To create implies that we already have the raw materials, models, and concepts that can serve us. To create implies observation, curiosity, generosity, and action.

Belonging is the focal point of this project. Belonging is analogous to belongingness, a fundamental human need. It refers to our inherent need to form bonds and feel accepted within a group. Humanity would not be here today without our ability to form bonds and depend on each other.

So Create Belonging is what this podcast aims to do. To create belonging in the world is to make it more inclusive. An inclusive world is one where individuals can find a feeling of belonging and are not limited by arbitrary norms.

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